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Netplans dedicated PCI DSS compliant servers and Private Clouds


PCI compliant servers dedicated to your business


Servers are configured and maintained to be PCI compliant 24/7/365 days a year

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Netplan’s fully PCI compliant dedicated servers

Every ecommerce merchant needs to be PCI compliant no matter how many transactions you have per year. Netplan’s dedicated servers are maintained to be PCI compliant by default. This reduces or eliminates the need for you to plan, manage, and achieve compliance on your own for hosted systems.

Dedicated servers offer you the best performance for your applications as they are custom built around your requirements. We install and configure each server based on your choice of hassle-free server options. And if you need them, you’re able to add features like load balancing and firewalls. Whatever your budget or requirements, we can work with you to find the right solution for your business today and in the future.

Netplan provides the following for all PCI compliant dedicated servers

  • Restricted physical access to facility
  • PCI Compliant logging
  • Restricted access to servers
  • Active intrusion monitoring
  • Software and firmware updates up to OS and Infrastructure devices
  • Two Factor Authentication to each environment
  • Full Network Segmentation
Dedicated Server

PCI compliant servers: Perfect for PCI levels 3 and 4

If your company is one of the many that falls into PCI levels 3 or 4, you’re a perfect candidate for our PCI compliant servers. By using just servers, you’ll save money, time, and have less stress when it comes to achieving compliance. Here’s how to know if a server is the best choice for you:

Process less than 1 million transactions per year

PCI compliance levels are set by the number of transactions. Level 3 is for companies with less than 1 million but more than 20,000 e-commerce transactions per year. Level 4 compliance is for everyone processing less than 20,000 e-commerce transactions per year. If you fall into these categories, you can save time and money with just a compliant server.

You don’t store the data

Many businesses simply hand off their e-commerce transactions by transmitting the credit card information to a third party. In this example you don’t have credit card information stored and simply transmit it at the time of the order. Since you’re not storing the information, you don’t need to worry about maintaining compliance on a storage array, backup files, or disaster recovery locations.

You plan on growing your business

You may have a small e-commerce business now, but you’re hoping you’ll increase sales year over year. At some point you may transition to a higher PCI level and have additional requirements you need to meet. Whether you need additional servers, firewalls, storage, we’ll help you maintain compliance.

You want help every step of the way

Becoming and staying PCI compliant can be a scary thing. But it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help you now and as your business grows. When your needs change, just contact your account manager and together you can determine what changes you need make to support your business and stay compliant.

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