Make the most of your hardware investment while leveraging our data centre facilities

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Make the most of your hardware investment while leveraging our data centre facilities


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Your hardware. Our data centre. A perfect match

State of the art data centres provide increased network bandwidth, advanced infrastructure, on-site security, and monitoring. Building your own data centre, however, is cost prohibitive for the majority of businesses. This is one reason behind the growth of the cloud. There are companies, though, that are not able or ready to shift easily into using a cloud-centric IT model.

If this describes your business, then collocating your hardware in one of our data centres offers the ability to share in the benefits of data centres, but still maintain full control of your systems. Your existing hardware investment can be maximised by providing proper environmental controls that can extend the life of servers, storage and networking equipment.

Collocated customers can leverage our investment in technology, security, and support:

  • Carefully controlled and monitored environment
  • Redundant power sources
  • Physical security on site 24/7
  • Security controls and monitoring with CCTV and card access
  • Restricted access to your hardware
  • Constant monitoring of networks, firewalls, and systems
  • On-site technical support staff 24/7

Need server colocation with PCI compliance? We can help with that

We’ve helped both large and small corporations achieve PCI compliance in our data centres. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your own hardware. As a Visa Certified Level 1 PCI hosting company, we’re able to help you meet many of the requirements simply by collocating in our data centres.

Physical site security

Our unassuming data centre facilities are monitored using electronic surveillance, on site security staff, and restricted electronic access.

Network security

By default we apply a “deny-all” setting to services and ports on initial setup. We only open ports at the request of the customer to meet their needs.


All of our systems are monitored and logged to provide the data needed for audits. For collocated services this includes our infrastructure outside of your systems.


We work with you to help you understand what your systems need, what will be covered by our existing systems and services and what responsibilities you have for compliance.

Your choice of data centres

We have five separate facilities around the globe to offer you the ultimate flexibility for collocating your servers. We have two locations in the UK, two in the US, and one in Germany.

All our data centres are carrier neutral, and have direct connections with internet peering exchanges. We also have a 100% network uptime guarantee ensuring you always have remote access to your servers.

Each of our data centres carry a variety of certifications. All data centres are certified ISO 27001, one has earned the Carbon Trust Standard, and others are PCI and SSAE 16 compliant. Ask us for a complete list.

We strive to be as green as possible in all our data centres by using 100% renewable power when available, advanced cooling systems, and the latest hardware built to be more efficient using less power.

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Secure access to your servers guaranteed

Collocating offers many advantages, but it also raises security concerns about who has physical access to your servers.

This is one reason we take physical security seriously. Every data centre uses CCTV with continuous recording, 24/7 on site security personnel, electronic access, and some provide for biometric access protocols. We maintain a detailed inventory tracking of all assets right down to cables.

All of our employees are also trained in both physical and information security processes and protocols. We also use personnel security controls before employing new staff.

You can be assured no one except you, and your designated staff, have access to your servers.

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What is colocation and why would you need it?

Colocation is when you operate your servers out of a data centre owned by a third party. Large data centres are able to offer services and underlying infrastructure at reasonable pricing that most businesses couldn’t afford on their own.

Colocation can offer you access to low latency networks, greater bandwidth, on site security, and redundant power and cooling. The buildings themselves are often hardened against outside attacks and networks are monitored against malicious activity such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Fully managed colocation

There are many reasons you may want to use colocation. One of the primary reasons our customers choose colocation is because they have already invested in high performance servers and want to get the most value out of them during their lifecycle.

Often these clients collocate their servers in our data centres, but also choose to have us manage them. In these cases our services are similar to standard managed hosting, but you still own the servers saving you money when compared to a fully managed solution where you rent the hardware and services. Contact us for details on how we can create a managed colocation plan designed for your business.

More of our managed hosting solutions

We offer the option for managed services on all of our cloud offerings including private clouds, hybrid clouds, dedicated servers, and even virtual data centres. Select an option below to read more about the possibilities.

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