Customised management services for private clouds, hybrid clouds, dedicated servers, and even virtual data centres

Managed Hosting

Customised management services for private clouds, hybrid clouds, dedicated servers, and even virtual data centres

Reduce costs

Save by reducing time spent on maintenance tasks

Stay secure

Patches, backups, software and firmware updates done for you

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When we manage your day to day IT tasks, you’re free to focus on growing your business

Your IT staff spends most of their time performing regular maintenance on your infrastructure, applications, and backups. Imagine what they could do if they were free to apply their talents toward finding creative technical solutions that enable your business, rather than just keeping your hardware and applications running.

Managed hosting relieves your staff of many of the day to day tasks including hardware management, system security patches, and updates. It also helps improve cash flow by moving capital expenses to operating expenses.

You’ll also save time and money with our managed services because you have a 100% uptime guarantee. Downtime is expensive in terms of revenue lost, but also in increased expenses to pay IT staff to fix the problem especially if it’s outside regular hours.

You choose the level of management you need:

  • Infrastructure only
  • Networking
  • Firewalls
  • Storage
  • Fully managed up to the OS
  • Virtual data centre management
  • Dedicated physical infrastructure

Every business has different needs. We want to hear about yours.

Businesses can’t be bundled into one-size-fits-all managed hosting solutions. That’s why we listen to you and your requirements, then recommend a detailed management approach to fit your specific needs.


The underlying infrastructure of your hosting solution is entirely our responsibility. You no longer need to manage or budget for hardware upgrades, failed servers, or the facility to house it.


Security is always a top concern for any business in the cloud or on premises. We can manage firewalls and other security solutions to ensure you are always up-to-date and prepared for the latest threats.


Whatever your application, you’ll need adequate storage managed properly to support database performance, file access, compression, and backups. We’ll optimise storage to maintain performance.


One of the most menial, yet important, IT tasks is backup. Yet it often is at the bottom of the IT staff’s to do list because it is labour intensive to perform and verify backups. We provide backups with verification of data, servers, VMs, etc. on a regular basis.


Meeting compliance requirements can be confusing and stressful for IT staff and management. We are able to ease the burden by providing active monitoring, log records, and our own certifications for every audit.


Our 100% uptime guarantee is possible because we have redundancies built into the infrastructure, extras of all critical systems on hand, as well as trained IT staff on premises 24/7 to immediately address failed servers, storage, or power.

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Why choose Netplan’s managed hosting for your business

It matters who you choose to manage and host your business infrastructure. We design your managed hosting solution around you and your business. Our focus remains firmly on you, and not just selling you on standardised service packages you don’t need. Every customer can expect the following benefits when you choose managed hosting with us:

Dedicated support

Every managed hosting customer is assigned a dedicated account manager. If you ever have a problem or questions, you have a single point of contact that knows you and your company.

Subscription based

Benefits of paying for managed hosting services by subscription is the plans and pricing are specifically geared for your solution. You’ll never pay for more than you need, and you’ll never have to purchase your own hardware.

Built for growth

Managed hosting services free up your IT staff to enhance your business and its future growth rather than simply keeping it running. It also simplifies any changes you need to your IT as your business objectives change. Simply contact your dedicated account manager when your needs change.

Technical expertise

Our technical staff have assisted in deploying over 25,000 servers . They are certified VMware specialists with expertise in Dell Server Hardware., NetApp Storage Technology, Cisco Networking, FortiNet Security Products. This coupled with a range of extensive Windows and Linux operating system s experience.

Combine their experience with our 30 minute response guarantee, and you won’t find a better technical support team anywhere.

More of our managed hosting solutions

We offer the option for managed services on all our cloud offerings including private clouds, hybrid clouds, dedicated servers, and even virtual data centres. Select an option below to read more about the possibilities.

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