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Choosing a database server with us provides you with access to our highly-qualified and experienced technicians.

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Netplan Database Servers

Many businesses are critically dependent on data, making the protection of this data integral to the success and running of the business. A secure, reliable and well-built database server is an essential for all businesses that depend on their data, and it helps to ensure that it is both safeguarded and hosted securely.

Choosing Netplan to host your database guarantees a service which protects your data and keeps it safeguarded without risk. Choosing a database server with us provides you with access to our highly-qualified and experienced technicians, available 24/7/365, on hand when you need them to manage and support your chosen database solution.

All database servers are housed in our enterprise-level data centres which are secured to the highest possible industry standards and guarantee the safety of your data. We are also PCI compliant and ISO 27001 accredited which provides further peace of mind and guarantee that your data is completely secured and regularly backed up.

We offer a range of different market leading database solutions and so you simply have to choose which is the best option from your business from: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and PostgrSQL.

Every client who chooses to host their database server with Netplan benefits from:

  • High availability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Auto deployment
  • Centralised management
  • Live migration
  • Secure processing and storage
  • Load balancing
  • No single point of failure
  • 100% Uptime
  • And more

Why Choose Netplan?

Security Guaranteed

With ISO-accredited data centres which meet UK government safety standards you can be assured of the security of your solution. Our solutions come with Cisco ASA firewall as standard for your further peace-of-mind. Also, as our data centres are privately owned by us and custom-built by us we have a complete and implicit understanding of every element of our centres are in control of the physical security of the centres too.

Reliability Assured

We have a 100% network uptime guarantee for a reason, because it never fails and we provide speedy support and expert help whenever you require it. We provide hardware replacement at speed and this is all combined with regular and proactive monitoring of all our data centres and individual servers, assuring the reliability of your database server.

Experts on Hand

Our expert engineers are well versed in a range of different database solutions and can support MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL and PostgreSQL. Our team are available 24/7/365 to provide you with direct support, guidance or answer any queries and we respond as quickly as possible to ensure your issues are dealt with efficiently.

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