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Disaster recovery to the Cloud Part 2: Between VMware clouds

In our last post we covered issues relating to using the cloud as a disaster recover site from an in-house IT environment. So in part two we’ll look at disaster recovery from a cloud to cloud perspective.

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The top 3 questions you need to answer before choosing an IaaS provider

If you Google IaaS providers, you’ll find many articles and blogs on the top three, five or ten things you need to know – and almost all of them will say the same thing. That’s because technically speaking, many IaaS providers offer similar things.

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Disaster Recovery to the cloud - Scenario 1: Customer's on-premise VMware environment to the cloud

It seems disaster recovery (DR) is mostly about planning, putting those plans in place, and then hoping they work in a disaster. At least that is what studies done by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness (DRP) Council show. They discovered only 13% of companies actually test their DR plans. And 25% of those that test, don’t retest after a failure.

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Netplan Launches Voice-as-a-Service Platform Powered by VMware

Over the last 12 months we have been experiencing significant growth and interest in our hosted VoIP services. And the feedback we have been getting from IT and Telecoms resellers is that hosted VoIP platforms are easy enough to find, but when it comes to quality, reliability and support they find many of the offerings on the market today frankly disappointing.

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Hosted private clouds are the way forward for ecommerce businesses

Everywhere you look today there is a new and innovative online business starting up somewhere on the globe. Driven by tech savvy entrepreneurs who are quickly becoming the new breed of payment gateways and payment application providers. As amazing as it sounds starting a business in ecommerce does come with its unique set of challenges. For any online business reliability and scalability will be paramount to their success.

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Five advantages of the hybrid cloud model that you may not have thought about

​Many companies have looked at their choice in cloud computing as a decision between a public and private cloud. This is no longer the case. The decision does not need to be either one or the other; it can also include both types of cloud as a valid option.

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Survey reveals VMware private cloud solutions are winning

Last month Information Week released its 2014 Private Cloud Survey. Their reported big revelation from the survey was the increased usage of private clouds from 21% to 47% in the one year since their last survey. We however, found something in the report that was much more interesting.

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SaaS solutions growing five times faster than overall software market

Currently, the business software landscape is uneven and uncertain. It’s a mixture of traditional license based physical software distribution and subscription models. According to some recent studies, subscription or SaaS services are where most companies will eventually settle.

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A brief overview of Netplan’s vCloud Virtual Data Centres

Watch this short video demonstrating how raw compute resources are assigned to each vCloud virtual data centre inside vCloud Director.

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Is 2012 the year of the Hybrid Cloud? We think so

Let me just start by welcoming you to Netplan’s newly launched blog. We are all very excited about what this year holds, as we continue to deliver the highest quality and most reliable cloud based infrastructure services in Europe.

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