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Netplan Launches Voice-as-a-Service Platform Powered by VMware

  • October 1st 2016
  • by Netplan

Over the last 12 months we have been experiencing significant growth and interest in our hosted VoIP services. And the feedback we have been getting from IT and Telecoms resellers is that hosted VoIP platforms are easy enough to find, but when it comes to quality, reliability and support they find many of the offerings on the market today frankly disappointing.

This was such the case with London based telecoms reseller P2C Communications who came on-board earlier this year; they had invested heavily into a hosted VoIP platform, but found their support appalling.
Many of our partners currently use our self-service VMware infrastructure to host many flavours of PBX software such as Mitel, Asterisk, Free PBX etc…

Mitel’s recent partnership with VMware opens up a big opportunity for Mitel reseller’s to leverage VMware’s vCloud Director to host their own instances of Mitel’s Virtual Mitel Communications Director (vMCD).
Robust redundancy and reliability is key selling point for our partners and while our VaaS platform is already running in HA mode within a VMware cluster, we wanted to take this functionality to the next level and offer replication of our partners hosted VoIP environments to a secondary data centre.

Replicating your environment to a secondary data centre gives you complete assurance of service up-time for your customers should there be any issues in your main production environment. It is clear that IT and Telecoms are starting to converge and many IT shops are starting to branch out into the telecoms world in search of new revenue streams. The Netplan VaaS platform allows them to work with the familiar technology while enabling them to deliver their own hosted telephony services.The Netplan VaaS platform is extremely cost effective. All of your hosted services will be running on a highly scalable ‘pool’ of compute resources which allows you to maximise their usage and achieve a high ROI. Your reserved resources are fully ‘burstable’ in order to handle higher traffic levels during busier times.

At the end of the day IT and Telecoms resellers need to have confidence in the product s they sell, as they are first point of call when something goes wrong. If a product is poorly supported and un-reliable, in many ways that is your reputation that is on the line. If you would like a free demonstration of Netplan’s VaaS platform, please drop us an email at or give us a call on 0207 1000 424.

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