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Netplan forges channel partnership with Carat Computer Systems

  • October 17th 2016
  • by Netplan

Over the last 12 months the IT channel has been under increased pressure to expand their product and services portfolio to include cloud services. Historically VAR’s have relied a great deal on their hardware and software sales to supply a large part of their income.

Now with emergence of IaaS, Paas, & Saas customers are able to bypass large upfront infrastructure expenditures and pay monthly for only what they need. This shift in the IT market place has caused many traditional IT resellers/consultants to seek lucrative partnerships with cloud infrastructure providers; such is the case with Cambridge based IT reseller Carat Computer Systems.

Established in 1998 Carat Computer Systems delivers a range of IT software and hardware solutions along with various levels of on-going IT support services. Carat had previous bad experiences with another hosting provider where they were left with little or no visibility into the actual environment which had numerous outages over the course of their engagement.

Once of Carat’s main requirements in a cloud channel partnership was that they wanted to have more control over their hosted environment. Netplan’s VMware vCloud infrastructure was able to put Carat in the preverbal driving seat of their own Virtual Data Centre. Carat was able to purchase a pool of compute resources on a monthly basis which was allocated to their virtual data centre. Using a web based management console called vCloud Director, Carat’s technical team are able to rapidly build, test, and deploy cloud infrastructure for their customers on demand.

Forming a channel partnership with Netplan has enabled Carat to confidently deploy cloud solutions to our customers with ease. When looking to partner with a service provider like Netplan, resilience and trust in the architecture was key to our decision and NetPlan deliver on both of these. Netplan supplies us with the resources to do what we do best, provide enterprise services to our customers.

James Hankins Business Development Manager, Carat Computer Systems

Many small to medium IT resellers are very rich in product knowledge and customer relationships, but do not have the capabilities to deliver outsourced data centre services.

It is a very strong selling point when you’re able to tell your customers that you can instantly provision virtual infrastructure, install their applications and fully manage and support their hosted environment with robust SLA’s in place. More and more businesses don’t want the hassle of provisioning and managing infrastructure on premise, and would rather secure cloud services from a trusted partner to deliver them IT-as-a-Service which could encompass everything depending on the needs of the business.

Cloud based disaster recovery solutions also represent a big opportunity for IT resellers in the coming months. According to Gartner by 2014, 30 per cent of midsize companies will have adopted disaster recovery in the cloud, up from just over one per cent today. Being able to geographical load balance a customer’s servers and replicate their environment to secondary site are going to be key features that could put you ahead of the competition.

The focus for our team here at Netplan, is the on-going support of our channel partners and the development and global expansion of our Data Centres around the world. Netplan is 100% committed to providing not only the best technical support to our partners, but also to assist them with joint marketing efforts in order to generate new sales opportunities.

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