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Entegraty Launches Sage Cloud CRM Offering on Netplan’s vCloud

  • June 10th 2012
  • by Netplan

Cloud CRM systems can be the utopia for many businesses today as they provide easy access from pretty much any device with an internet connection, it eliminates hardware and maintenance costs and gives you access to enterprise level data security and redundancy. The list goes on of the many advantages. It is no secret that CRM customisation and Third Party Integration have always been key capabilities that anyone would be looking for in a CRM solution and here’s why.

CRM Customisation

Every business is different in the way they operate and handle their customer data. Having the ability to customise your CRM and build tailored workflows, dashboards and reports is critical to many departments. In the current cloud CRM market smaller businesses sometimes will not have the access to these features as they are looking to keep their costs down or the cloud CRM package they purchase is pretty basic either because of the amount of users they have or the price point was too high to warrant these additional features.

The expectation of a cloud CRM is that there shouldn’t be any difference or limitations in the user experience and functionality than an on-premise CRM system

Third Party Integration

For many Sage accounts users integration with a their cloud CRM system would be considered a must have. Having visibility of your customers purchasing patterns and current paid and outstanding invoices, is key for your sales and marketing teams to be effective. There are many complimentary applications that have been developed to integrate with Sage CRM, to many to list here, but they will all need access to either Sage’s API or the backend system where they can be installed.

For any serious CRM user you will undoubtedly be considering a marketing automation platform such as Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua or SalesFusion. All of these platforms provide integration with Sage CRM provided that you have access to the API.

Entegraty & Netplan: Sage CRM in the Cloud

After months of testing, Entegraty are now offering Sage’s CRM hosted on Netplan’s enterprise vCloud infrastructure, fully managed by Entegraty’s CRM experts. The driving force behind this project has been the fact that Entegraty are seeing a surge in demand from SMB and midmarket customers for Sage’s CRM to be delivered from the cloud, but still retain all the functionality and integration capabilities of an on-premise deployment.

Entegraty chose to partner with Netplan for the Entegraty CRM Cloud offering because of the knowledge and experience the Neptlan team offered with the vCloud platform meaning we could leverage this expertise to provide an easy to deploy fully customisable, secure and competitively priced Sage CRM solution in the Cloud

Nick Rainbird - Senior CRM Analyst

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