Web Hosting and Domain Customers

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Web Hosting and Domain Customers

Customer Service Level Agreement (SLA)

If you have any queries regarding your Web Hosting or Domain Names, please raise a Support Request via our dedicated Ticket System available at https://netplan.zendesk.com/home

Tickets raised with our Domains and Hosting Team have a typical turnaround within 24 hours and will automatically be logged with a timestamp and stored for future reference

Complaints & Escalation Process

All queries should be raised via our teams on the details above, however if for any reason you are not satisfied with our level of commitment, we have a formalised procedure for raising any complaints or grievances: www.netplan.co.uk/complaints

Abuse Reports

We monitor our systems 24/7/365, but if you notice anything originating from our network that seems suspicious (such as phishing scams or spam emails) then please email abuse@netplan.co.uk immediately with a description of the problem.

Domain Names Terms and Conditions

By purchasing, renewing or transferring any UK domains names through Netplan, customers are bound by Nominet’s Terms and Conditions, available at http://www.nominet.org.uk/go/terms

Renewing and Cancelling your Domain Names

At the start of each calendar month, we will send customers an invoice for any domain names or services due to expire the following month.

If customers would like to renew their domain names and services, simply respond to the invoice or telephone our teams on 0207 1000 424 to arrange payment.

Please note, any domain names or services not renewed will expire once they reach their expiry date, so it is important customers renew before then.

Alternatively, if any customers do not want to renew any domain names or services and let them expire (or transfer them away), simply contact us so we can update your account. We do not charge any release fees


About Us

With more than 17 years of worth of experience under our belt, discover who we are and how we can support your business.

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About Us

Netplan was established in 2000, with a core network in Telehouse, London Docklands. In 2008, we opened our first data centre in Coventry, to allow us to offer both fully managed and co-located server solutions to a client base across the United Kingdom.

At Netplan, we know that a company’s individual requirements are the most important factors to consider– they’re what makes you stand out – and, with this in mind, we are committed to offering creative and operational bespoke solutions to suit your business’ needs. Security is a crucial element in everything we do and we are extremely proud to be PCI Level 1 compliant. Our expert technicians are thorough in their approach, ensuring we have an in-depth understanding of your requirements before developing any solutions.

TThe modern business world is non-stop – 24/7, 365 days a year – meaning your business cannot afford any down-time; it needs to be constantly available and accessible. At Netplan, we keep this at the forefront of our mind. We offer 24/7/365 support and dedicated account management guaranteeing 100% network uptime for your business. 

We realise all of this would not have been possible without the people of Netplan. For over 17 years, our dedication to customer service and providing the best experience possible for all of our customers is what makes us stand out. Our culture of positivity, determination and passion for all things tech makes for a driven, fulfilled workforce. The ever-changing environment from organic growth and technological advancements makes Netplan an exciting and vibrant place to work and play.


CMO Case Study

CMO achieves PCI Level 1 compliance across all three of their ecommerce sites as a result of Netplan’s bespoke service and ongoing support.

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CMO (Construction Materials Online) is a leading supplier of construction materials in the UK. Since 2008, they have combined expert product knowledge with online retail to deliver materials for roofing, insulation, drainage, and more. CMO focuses on supporting British manufacturing and innovation, but also connects all parts of the construction industry with leading global brands and materials.

With an estimated 1.5-2 million visits per month over 3 e-commerce websites, CMO created a 3 year growth plan to meet the needs of an anticipated increase in traffic and future expansion.


After creating their growth plan, CMO realised that a few changes could help them reach their goals, namely, increasing security to reach PCI compliance level one hosting and increasing speed and performance across all three websites. Having each of the three websites on different platforms with separate servers made security updates and maintenance difficult to manage. They were concerned that their database and servers on their e-commerce sites wouldn’t be able to keep pace with increased traffic.

An additional challenge was the ever-evolving e-commerce security regulations. CMO wanted to achieve PCI level one compliance across all their websites so they could continue to honour a commitment to safely storing & processing client information. Keeping up-to-date with PCI-DSS requirements for all three sites was a difficult task for their IT personnel to manage alone.


Netplan helped CMO to build a strong custom solution, which started with creating and launching a new software platform to host all three websites. We assigned dedicated Netplan technicians to liaise with CMO and provide them with ongoing support. This integration of all three sites made it easier for the CMO IT team to manage their e-commerce sites by handing over maintenance and security updates to Netplan’s expert team.

Additionally, Netplan helped CMO to invest in their security to reach PCI level one compliance across all of their websites. This is supported by quarterly DCI scans to ensure that all CMO clients can be confident that their payment information and private data are securely processed and stored. Within 1.5 months, CMO had a new private cloud network and a unique web application file built by Netplan to streamline their data storage and their website hosting.


The solutions implemented by Netplan resulted in the following benefits, as described by CMO:

  • Less worry about fixing abnormalities, taking the problems out of CMO’s hands
  • Expertise & recommendations from reliable expert technicians
  • Increased speed & better uptime
  • Software now consistently has the latest security patches (esp. PCI compliance)
  • Time saved by not managing servers

As a result of this, halfway through their contract CMO expanded to include a DR (disaster recovery) solution. This was constructed in another one of Netplan’s datacenters and the recovery solution was based on Zerto DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) software. The solution was deployed and tested successfully by Netplan and CMO.

In addition, CMO shared that in the 12 months since implementing Netplan’s solution, they’ve seen a 60-70% increase in web traffic. Their sites are running quickly and efficiently, and they’ve been able to fulfill even more orders than before. They felt that Netplan offered more features than competitors & put forward the best solution [CMO is confident that choosing Netplan has helped them to reach goals in their three year business plan].


GardenSite Case Study

GardenSite establish a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment ensuring their applications and website are fully-supported and accessible in the case of an emergency.

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Gardensite.co.uk is an ecommerce site that launched back in 1999, when the internet was still in its infancy. After 18 years of gaining experience and a good reputation, they’ve grown to be one of the biggest retailers of home and garden products within the UK. They sell thousands of products, from seed and plants to sheds and greenhouses, and their website allows them to reach a wide consumer base in both the UK and worldwide.


As GardenSite grew, so did their need for a more flexible and updated IT infrastructure. They were particularly concerned with security and the speed of their website and IT systems. Because of their focus on ecommerce, they were looking for a hosting provider who could help them reach full PCI compliance. Promising this security and due diligence to their customers was a key motivation behind updating their systems. GardenSite had a desire to begin higher-traffic marketing campaigns like TV advertisements, but were unsure if their systems could handle the increased traffic. Additionally, GardenSite were looking for a comprehensive DR plan to support their applications and website in case of emergency.


Beginning in 2010, GardenSite began partnering with Netplan to comprehensively address all their IT concerns and create a custom solution. Technically speaking, this included:

  • Hosting GardenSite’s production applications at a primary site on a VMware cluster
  • Hosting their DR environment in AWS EU-Ireland region, which is always on, and can be accessed anytime by Netplan
  • A dedicated encrypted IPSec tunnel carries the continuous reproduction data traffic between the primary & DR site
  • Zerto Virtual Replication controls the failover process in test and live situations

GardenSite’s applications moved to the cloud in 2015, and their systems are now able to grow as their company grows, with ongoing personalised support.


Speed and security were two key results GardenSite achieved. Knowing that the Netplan team were on hand to offer their services was crucial when it came to establishing an ongoing DR plan. Once that plan was in place and being tested regularly, they could focus on making customer connections faster and more secure.

Meeting PCI-DSS regulations was an important part of GardenSite’s goal. They are now able to promise their customers a secure shopping experience, and are able to process more transactions than ever before. They were able to commence a TV advertisement marketing campaign with the confidence that their website could manage the increased traffic with ease.

“ I came across Netplan while searching online for a new service provider who would fit our list of criteria. The most encouraging thing I noticed was the fact that they are a certified Level 1 PCI provider. It’s important for us to work with the right ‘people’...the team at Netplan have always provided a solution for us in a timely manner, and are always conscious of how their good work affects ours. ” David Coton, GardenSite


Netplan’s accreditations show our commitment to providing a secure and high-quality service to all of our customers, partners and suppliers.

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PCI-DSS 3.2 certified service provider

This means we provide verified PCI compliant hosting and our infrastructure and internal processes have undergone an audit by a third-party security company. This includes internal and external penetration tests, vulnerability scans and staff interviews.

ISO 27001

This is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process. 

ISO 9001

This is the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). This standard demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet, if not succeed, customer and regulatory expectations.


Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it – explore our customer case stories to learn how they’ve succeeded using our custom-made solutions. Then let us know how we can help create a solution that’s right for you!

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CMO achieve PCI Level 1 compliance

Construction Materials Online (CMO) is an industry-leading supplier of building materials to the construction industry. Netplan helped CMO with their e-commerce sites by launching a new software platform to host all three sites and increase security, speed and performance.

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GardenSite establish a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment

GardenSite is an online e-commerce website specialising in providing home and garden products. It was decided a more flexible and updated IT infrastructure was needed to improve security and the speed of their website. Netplan designed a custom solution that supported Gardensite in achieving their need.

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Your views and feedback are important to us.

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Our Commitment to you

At Netplan, we work hard to ensure that the level of service you receive is at a consistently high standard, be this reliability and performance of your products, accuracy of our online systems or that our team address any concerns or queries you have professionally and efficiently.

We have our Customer Advisory teams available to address any issues you have, however if for any reason you are not satisfied with our level of commitment, we have a formalised procedure for raising any complaints or grievances:

Initial Complaint

1 If you have already raised your issues with our customer support teams but wish them to be escalated, existing customers can detail their complaint in their Netplan Control Panel at:

Support | Create Ticket | Complaints Procedure

This section confirms your identity and therefore satisfies our security requirements and measures, allowing us to address your concerns sooner.

Please include:
  • Your name and contact details
  • The domain name(s) related to the concern/complaint (if applicable)
  • A clear and concise description of your concern/complaint
  • What steps or actions you would like us to take (if applicable)
  • Details of any previous Support Tickets (please reference the Ticket ID) or previous discussions

2 Your ticket will be assigned a tracking number and escalated to the Support Manager for their personal attention and investigation

3 You will receive a response within a maximum of one working day with the Support Manager's Findings and subsequent actions (if applicable)

Not an existing customer?

If you are not an existing customer and do not have a Netplan Control Panel, please email complaint@netplan.co.uk or via fax on 0845 466 0102, providing the above information.

Please include "Complaint FAO Support Manager" in the subject line.

Postal Correspondence

If you prefer to detail your complaint via post, please write to us at:

  • Support Manager
  • Netplan Internet Services
  • 9 Regan Way
  • Chetwynd Business Park
  • Chilwell
  • Nottingham
  • NG9 6RZ
  • UK

Please ensure you specify if you would like a posted response back or via another format (email or fax)

Further Action

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the findings of the Support Manager, you can escalate your complaint to a Director.

Please write to us at the above address, but specify "For the attention of the Netplan Directors" in your correspondence and include any tracking numbers or other references from your previous correspondence with the Support Manager to assist us in recovering the full history of your complaint.

You will receive acknowledgement within one working day and please allow ten working days for a full reply.

Our commitment to our teams

As well as our commitment to providing the best possible service for our customers, we are also committed to providing an appropriate working environment for our staff.

Any abusive, harassing or threatening conduct to our teams (both written or verbally) is unacceptable and we reserve the right to limit or stop providing services to anyone found to be conducting themselves in this manner.


Our Team

Visionaries committed to service and technical excellence

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Arthur Duffy

Managing Director

 View Bio

Arthur is an innovative thinker, with a broad based expertise in technology, operations, finance, and business development with an established solid track record of success in leading start-up, and developing growing companies.

He is an energetic leader of high integrity who has a proven ability to quickly analyse key business drivers, develop strategies and grow businesses with the recognised ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations.

Arthur’s background and expertise of solution sales within the Merchant Sector has been proven in his tenacious commitment to both customer and business development, with areas of excellence that include Leading change, Strategic planning and Technology and operational process integration.

Arthur has held a number of Director positions within technology companies that are focussed on delivering end to end solutions in the Merchant Sector and has constantly delivered growth. His insight into the demands and requirements of the Merchant Sector for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) will become a key component into the ongoing growth and development of Netplan.


Paul Jones

Service & Support Director

 View Bio

Paul is a successful Services Director capable of working from “Trade Counter” to “Board Room” and at both a strategic and detail level.

With an excellent track record of delivery, Paul has built customer focused teams covering both Professional Services and Support, successfully delivering well over 100 client projects.

Paul’s has a very hands-on approach and is truly dedicated to excellent customer service.

Paul has 25 years’ experience in delivering solutions to the Merchant sector. He holds a Master’s Degree in Information Technology as well as formal Project Management qualifications and full software life-cycle experience.


Chris Roberts

Sales Director

 View Bio

Chris has held a number of senior positions in the Hosting & Cloud industry over the past 15 years.

Chris joined Netplan in November 2014 having previously held key positions at MTI, iomart and Keybridge.

Chris recently oversaw the launch of the MTI partner program and previously was responsible for Iomart’s development of a multi-million pound channel business.

In this position, he was responsible for building, promoting and delivering an indirect program for the channel community and delivering some of Iomart’s largest-ever managed hosting contracts.

In addition to the indirect channel program, Chris created and executed a training program for iomart's VAR community as well as the accreditation of Iomart as a Dell Managed Services Provider


Russell Sced

IS & Technical Manager

 View Bio

Russell Sced joined Netplan in September 2014. With 17 years technical IT experience for various large and Blue Chip Companies, Russell is able to provide best practice security solutions in all scenarios.

Having focussed his efforts over the last 4 years on PCI:DSS and DPA for a large well known high street retailer and as a Certified Ethical Hacker, Russell has a unique in-depth understanding of the required security standards for payment processors and any other electronically stored sensitive information.

Russell stays current with all the latest exploits and vulnerabilities that could be leveraged by an attacker / attacking group, as such he is able to mitigate any high risk exposures and in turn prevent attack types and vectors before they are actively exploited by malicious parties. Russell has a genuine interest in all aspects of computing with a focus on IT Security / PCI / Best Practice security measures.


Lee Jones

Senior Technical Engineer

 View Bio

Lee Jones has over ten years experience in the field building extensive knowledge of vendor’s hardware and software solutions, along with the necessary design, implementation, and troubleshooting skills critical to any IT infrastructure in production today.

Lee holds several industry recognised qualifications including exams from the Cisco certified professional track and the VMware professional track. This coupled with Lee's extensive knowledge and passion for the field makes him a key member of the technical resource at Netplan.

As one of the longest serving technical employees at Netplan, Lee currently operates within the engineering team at Netplan providing design and implementation expertise for public and private cloud solutions to customers. He also plays a key part in the network design and rollout of the core infrastructure.

During his spare time, Lee enjoys playing golf and is a keen video game enthusiast. He also has a passion for food and enjoys longs walks.


Liam Freeman

Senior Technical Engineer

 View Bio

A certified VMware & Microsoft Professional, Liam has over 10 years in the field of Enterprise IT services. With a keen eye for customer satisfaction and providing value, Liam has spent time working and consulting with businesses across varying diverse sectors and has a strong understanding of efficient IT Service Management.

Having spent the earlier years of his career in field support & large scale Service Desk environments, Liam is now a member of the engineering team at Netplan, providing expertise in server and application architecture, implementation of new business and 3rd level support to existing customers.


Lewis Robinson

Senior Network Engineer

 View Bio

Lewis Robinson is a keen IT professional with ten years experience in the IT industry.

Having started his IT career at a young age he has excelled in the network sector having worked for large service providers’ perfecting his skills providing 3rd line technical support. He later progressed onto technical network design where he was responsible for designing, deploying and championing network solutions.

Lewis holds qualifications in the Cisco Certified Professional and Cisco Certified Design tracks; And is continuing to expand his knowledge pursuing the VMware Certified Professional accreditation.

As a member of the engineering team Lewis plays a key role in the day to day running, maintenance and improvement of all areas in the Netplan network. Lewis also contributes to providing a high level of customer satisfaction for both pre and post-sales support.

Lewis is an avid Formula One fan with a genuine passion for technology.


Why Choose Netplan

Why choose Netplan for your PCI compliant hosting needs

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We've built our business around helping yours

While "The Cloud" has become the newest buzzword in the IT industry, we've always known what the cloud is really about:

  1. You, and helping your business grow and function better than it ever has before.
  2. We've built our business around helping yours, and we think you'll see the difference the first moment you speak to us. Every aspect of what we do is designed to help you run your business today, tomorrow and adapt to your future needs. This is all done on your schedule, not ours.

"Our previous experiences with cloud providers put us into some tough positions – we just weren’t able to meet our customer’s needs. Now that we’ve partnered with Netplan we have full control and flexibility over our cloud infrastructure allowing us to build, test and deploy on demand."

James Hankins
Business Development Manager, Carat Computer Systems

A Pleasant Surprise

Our goal is to get to know you, your company, and your plans for the future. Then together we'll define a plan or project to meet your needs now and in the years to come. Our clients often find our approach to be a pleasant surprise when compared to other providers who viewed them as commodities. In our eyes you become a valued partner we're invested in seeing succeed.

Here's a summary of what you'll always get at Netplan:

Proactive, responsive support

  • A dedicated account manager
  • 24/7/365 telephone technical support
  • Guaranteed 30 minute response times no matter the time of day

The best of IT

  • VMware vSphere Enterprise Edition with every private cloud
  • A certified VMware Enterprise and vCloud powered partner
  • Microsoft partner

Technical expertise

  • Cisco, Dell, HP, NetApp, Compellent, Fortigate, Zerto and more

100% Uptime SLA

Geographically diverse, secure, and connected data centres

Redundant storage, network, and processing systems with no single point of failure

Technically, we're everything you've come to expect in a cloud service provider and more. But we're also ready to be your partner in success.


Service Level Agreement

Your network will always be available. We guarantee It

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How our Service Level Agreement guarantee works

We know your websites, applications, and services need to run 24/7. Even a small amount of downtime could be catastrophic financially, operationally, and for your reputation. Our networks operate with multiple redundancies ensuring there is no single point of failure, and 100% network availability.

Our guarantee to you is: If our network is unavailable for one or more consecutive hours, we will credit you for 24 hours of prorated service fees for every full hour of downtime.

Along with 100% network availability, we guarantee the average latency on the UK network will be 60 milliseconds or less. Transatlantic latencies are guaranteed to be 140 milliseconds or less.

All guarantees are subject to the full terms and conditions as described in our Service Level Agreement document available for download here.*

Questions? Call us today to find out how to get 100% network uptime and the details on our guarantee.

*In case of a disagreement between the guarantees mentioned on this website and the SLA document, the official SLA document will be considered correct.


The Netplan Philosophy

Founded with the belief that everyone deserves quality service

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In a world of ever changing technology, Netplan differentiates itself is through the “customer first” service it provides. Our philosophy is to promote ourselves by excelling at what we do and by continually using the best people, best practices and best technologies to meet your requirements.

Your partner in the cloud, dedicated to your success with fanatical support

Our mission is to get to know each and every customer in order to provide the best technical solution to meet or exceed their business objectives. We consider ourselves true partners and our customer’s success in is our success. We differentiate ourselves by the level of commitment to our customers, offered from our very first conversation, even before a contract is signed.

We hire the best people, acquire the best technologies, and use best practices to support our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.


Green Hosting Policy

We’ve Helped Reduce Carbon Emissions by More than 3.6Mt CO2e Year after Year

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Caring for the environment is not just a policy, it is part of our core philosophy

There are over 3,200 data centres operating in the world today. Not all of them are created equal. When we select which ones to use for our cloud services, environmental impact is one of the primary criteria we examine. We also partner with hardware providers striving to create the most efficient systems possible to minimize the effect technology use and manufacturing can have on the environment. Combine these choices with a corporate culture of recycling and energy efficiency and we’ve created a business that is green from our desks to our data centres.

Carbon Trust Certified

We are consistently working to reduce our carbon footprint. After an independent certification process, our UK Telehouse data centres were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard (CTS). This award means we’ve reduced CO2 emissions and improved our water usage and waste management year after year. In total, all organisations awarded the CTS have reduced emissions by over 3.6Mt CO2e year after year. We’re proud to be part of such a successful and continuing reduction.

100% Renewable Power Sources

Advances in power generation mean we don’t need to rely on carbon fuels to power our data centres. Whenever possible we use power from renewable energy sources. Our UK data centres, Telehouse West and Next Generation Data both run entirely on 100% certified renewable energy.

Cooling by Design

All of our data centres monitor temperatures to ensure a maximum temperature of 24 C. The design of the air conditioning and heating systems leverage natural patterns. This hot isle/cold isle zone design minimises the power needed to maintain temperatures. Servers operating in ideal temperature conditions are more efficient and use less power. They are also less apt to fail due to overheating.

All of our efforts to help improve and maintain the environment are also passed on to you. Whether you are looking to reduce your own carbon footprint or to simply choose environmentally friendly providers, we can help.

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Our data centres, our philosophy, and our team

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