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The Software Defined data centre has been revolutionizing the way businesses approach deploying, managing and scaling their infrastructure. vCloud Virtual Data Centre's put you in complete control of your virtual infrastructure, your data and who has access to your virtual environment 24/7 365 days of the year. And with Netplan's skilled technical team backing you up all the way with lighting fast support, your job just got easier.

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Reduce Costs, Provision in Minutes, and Stay Secure

According to a TechTarget survey, 73% percent of companies use public clouds to reduce total cost of ownership. Another 65% say public clouds help them meet their business objectives.

A virtual data centre based on VMware's vCloud can help you realise reduced costs. You can also respond quickly to changing business needs:

  • Deploy or migrate infrastructure to a high availability virtual data centre quickly, without the cost of hardware and rack space
  • Build off-site disaster recovery and backup solutions
  • Implement scalable, on-demand, dedicated test and development environments while controlling costs

Over 400,000 customers trust VMware with their virtualization.

According to VMware, a virtual data centre provides "virtualised compute, networking, storage, and security". A software defined data center allows your IT staff to provision services and resources within minutes. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Installing operating systems and applications
  2. Allocating resources
  3. Configuring firewall policies

These three steps can be made even easier by using your own pre-designed server images. We also have a public catalog of images to assist in rapid provisioning.

Benefits of a vCloud Virtual Data Centre

Why worry about maintaining an underlying infrastructure when you can be responsive to your budget and businesses needs with a vCloud based virtual data centre?

Netplan's vCloud offering makes it easy to:

  • Administer your virtual data centre via your own web portal using vCloud Director (get a free in-depth demonstration with your vCloud trial)
  • Deploy and configure firewalls using vCloud Networking & Security Edge firewall control
  • Setup private site to site VPNs
  • Employ a policy-driven approach to provisioning and security with OS and application templates
  • Create virtual appliances, or vApps, so you can start, stop, reboot or destroy virtual machines in just a few clicks
  • Allocate resources to different teams or organisations in your business and quickly adjust as needs change with Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
  • Convert physical machines into virtual machines without any downtime using .OVF files and vCentre Converter
  • Connect your private vSphere data center with your virtual data center for seamless workload management using vCloud Connector to create a hybrid cloud without reconfiguring the network at the destination
  • Redundant systems to ensure your VMs are automatically moved to a new set of resources
  • Robust load balancing with vCloud Networking and Security Gateway Services built into the vCloud Director interface

Who Manages your Virtual Data Centre is important

While you don't have to maintain the physical hardware with a virtual data centre, your service provider does.

At Netplan we invest in our infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Here are the details:

  • Enterprise NetApp SAN's
  • Intel's latest processors
  • A redundant architecture with no single point of failure
  • Proactive monitoring to ensure 100% uptime SLA

Your service provider is as important, if not more than, your choice of virtualisation platform. By choosing Netplan's VMware based virtual data centres you'll feel safe knowing your computing resources are safe with a proven and reliable UK provider.

Here's what customers are saying:

"We needed a, powerful instantly accessible platform which would allow us to serve customers requests 24x7, Netplan offered us enterprise grade hybrid cloud solution which provides us scalable capacities on-demand with 100% uptime. We have been blown away with the support from Netplan technical resources."

David Meadows, Senior IT Consultant, IT reseller

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