A simple definition of a hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment in which an organisation provides and manages some resources in-house and has others provided by an external provider like Netplan.

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Netplan’s VMware Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud Computing model is being hailed by many IT experts as the best of both worlds especially for those who have made a significant investment into their own in-house infrastructure, and are not ready to move their entire IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. That is why Netplan has invested so heavily into our VMware vCloud platform to enable businesses that are already using VMware to simply connect into Netplan’s vCloud infrastructure directly from vSphere using vConnector.

Only VMware Offers the Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Cloud

Seamless Integration

The issue of who has 'control' has always been a sticking point for IT departments looking to externally host some or all of their infrastructure services. But with Netplan’s VMware's vCloud platform the controls are placed firmly within your IT departments hands and Netplan’s vCloud effectively becomes an extension of your in-house VMware estate. vConnector gives you complete visibility of all VM's running on Netplan's vCloud and allows you to seamlessly manage them as if they were running in your own data centre.

The Hybrid Advantage

Deploying a hybrid cloud model leveraging Netplan’s vCloud infrastructure gives you access to an on demand dynamic pool of cloud resources which you can provision, deploy or migrate VM’s from your own vSphere console with only a few clicks.

Enterprise Plus Functionality

Managing virtual infrastructure on Netplan’s VMware vCloud has never been easier. With the full Enterprise Plus features of VMware including High Availability, Fault Tolerance, vMotion and Thin Provisioning ensure a robust, dynamic and agile virtual environment.

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