Our Connectivity

Netplan provides next generation, business class, leased line connectivity connecting back to our National MPLS backhaul network, providing guaranteed bandwidth and unrivalled levels of reliability. We can provide lines from 1Mbps to 1Gbps all routed via our core Network with PoPs in London Docklands, Manchester, Reading and Coventry to ensure an uninterrupted, high availability service.

100% Uptime SLA

With years of networking experience and our fully redundant national network backbone, Netplan are able to provide an industry leading 100% uptime guarantee or your money back.

Fully Redundant Cisco Network

The Netplan national network is based on fully redundant, Enterprise class Cisco routers and switches with no single point of failure, monitored and managed 24x7x365 by our CCNP qualified engineers.

Extremely Low Latency

Included in our industry leading 100% uptime SLA, Netplan also guarantee a maximum latency level for national and international transit.

RIPE Registered

Netplan are full RIPE members and own and manage our entire network infrastructure enabling us to quickly detect and pre-empt any potential issues before they develop.

LINX and LoNAP Connectivity

Netplan has multiple direct IP transit feeds as well as interconnects to LINX and LoNAP; peering with Netplan is cost effective, pain free and efficient.

IPv6 Enabled

Our network is IPv4 and IPv6 enabled.

IP Transit

IP Transit allows your network to become part of the global Internet by connecting to the Internet backbone at high speed within one of Netplan's data centres.

Netplan can offer multi-homed IP Transit, at any of our data centres. Contact us to find out more and get up to date pricing.

IP Transit may be delivered as either a BGP feed or using static allocations. This service provides 100% coverage for your network to the global Internet from any one of our on-net locations.


Work remotely or bond together multi-site operations under a secure, unified communications infrastructure, managed by Netplan's certified network engineers.

This is ideal for remote office locations, secure private networking and the delivery of SAAS computing in today's online world.

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